Application guideline/ Method of entry (Vol.8)

Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award Vol.8 Entry Now Open! This year’s theme is “OPEN”!
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What is the Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award?

It is the largest projection mapping contest in Japan, launched to discover and develop talented individuals who will become the core of the future content industry, and to advance and popularize the spatial video technology of projection mapping.


What is projection mapping?

Projection mapping is one of the spatial video technologies that synchronizes real objects with virtual images. The “projection” in projection mapping refers to the act of “projecting” images onto the surface of the object, and “mapping” means “attaching video materials to the surface of the object to be projected.” By utilizing the information such as the design and unevenness of the object, the technique provides the object with light and shadow through the images, creating a three-dimensional and realistic sense of movement and space. Sometimes it even brings out a completely different expression on the surface of the object, which is not supposed to move at all.

The reason why projection mapping has been attracting attention is its fun and dreamlike expression. Being creative and constantly producing fresh expressions and emotions is not only important for projection mapping, but also as a creative mindset. While referring to past domestic and international examples, we hope to explore original ideas and expressions that are not bound by them and create entertainment works that bring unprecedented surprises, fun, and emotions.


Changes from Vol.7:

●We have expanded the scope of eligibility for entries.

While Vol.7 was limited to “students belonging to universities, graduate schools, technical colleges, vocational schools, and high schools,” this time we have expanded the scope to “young video creators who are students or under the age of 30.” We hope to create opportunities for young video creators to produce and showcase projection mapping by expanding the scope of eligibility. This includes those who could not enter the contest due to the previous restriction of being a student, or those who have graduated and want to give it another try.
● Increase the number of screened works on the day of the event
Previously, we conducted a primary screening (planning screening) within the secretariat upon receiving application documents, and narrowed down the teams to about 10-15 that would proceed to actual production. The reasons for this were issues related to the event day, such as screening time, response to judging and awards, and the burden on the secretariat in responding to entry teams (workshops, checking of submission materials, responses to questions), etc. However, this time, while we will screen the documents submitted at the time of entry, we will not set an upper limit on the number of teams to proceed to actual production, and we would like to create more opportunities for many teams to produce and present projection mapping. However, please understand in advance that there will be restrictions on the length of the works screened, and that we will not be able to hold workshops as before or provide individual support on production advice or submission materials.


Judging Criteria: Document Screening

We will review the project proposals submitted through the website based on the following criteria. The teams that pass the screening will produce projection mapping videos to be screened at the event as final nominated works.

  • Whether the work is appropriate to be shown to a large number of unspecified people at Tokyo Big Sight
  • Whether the team can ensure sufficient quality
  • Whether the team can complete the production on schedule without dropping out midway
  • Whether the proposal makes use of CG animation techniques or unique expressions and features of projection mapping
  • Whether the proposal interprets and effectively utilizes the theme


Evaluation Criteria: Final Screening

Based on the following five criteria, the judges will evaluate and decide on the outstanding works. Cash prizes will be awarded to the outstanding works, and after the screening event, the works will be shown regularly at Tokyo Big Sight. * The judges will conduct the evaluation in person prior to the screening event, and the award winners will be announced at the event.

  • Concept – whether the work follows the theme and whether it is effectively conveyed
  • Idea – whether the work uses the characteristics of projection mapping to create expressive and surprising effects
  • Technology – whether the work effectively utilizes 3DCG and animation techniques
  • Production – whether the work is entertaining content that combines music and video and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and nationalities
  • Execution – whether the team meets the submission deadline


Awards and Prizes

The following awards will be given to outstanding works selected from the submitted entries:

  • Grand Prize (JPY 300,000 cash prize, trophy, certificate of merit)
    Excellence Prize (JPY 150,000 cash prize, trophy, certificate of merit)
    *Subject to change.


Recruitment work

Theme: OPEN
Production work: Projection mapping projection video (within 1 minute and 30 seconds)
*Teams that pass the document screening will produce the video.



November 11th, 2023 (Saturday) 17:00-21:00 (scheduled) Tokyo Big Sight Conference Building Front Plaza
*This year’s screening is planned to be open to the general public on site only.
*Online distribution is not currently planned.
*Transportation and accommodation to the venue will be at your own expense.
*There is a possibility of change or cancellation depending on the situation.


東京国際プロジェクションマッピングアワードVol.8 フライヤー
[View in PDF 1.3MB]


 Qualifications for Entry: 
  • Students or young video creators aged 30 or younger. ※1 ※2 ※3
  • Participation is allowed as a team of one or more members. If multiple people are involved, the application must be made by selecting one representative.
  • For students, it is also possible to form teams with students from other schools. However, the participation and signature of one responsible teacher (school staff) from each school is mandatory.

The team must have at least one person who can use 3DCG and 2D animation applications.
※1 For students, the participation of one responsible teacher (school staff) is mandatory.
※2 For those aged 18 or younger (including high school students), the signature of both the responsible teacher (school staff) and a parent or guardian is required.
※3 Participants must be aged 30 or younger as of December 31, 2023.


  • Entry and document submission deadline: June 19th (Mon) at 6:00 PM
  • Announcement of document screening results: June 26th (Mon)
  • Video production period: July to October
  • Screening event: November 11th (Sat) ※Subject to change


Submission Materials

1.Materials to be submitted at the time of entry
Please submit the following two items at the time of entry

Intention of the proposal, image visual, and storyboard with a maximum of 10 pages.
The allocation of pages is flexible.
PDF format / Within 5MB.

(2) Pledge
To participate in the award, please submit the proposal and pledge with a handwritten signature, indicating your intention to participate. It is assumed that the team leader and members (including the school and the teacher in charge for students) have given their consent.


2.Application Format

Please download the manual, proposal, and pledge from the link below and use them for your application.

PMAVol.8 Production Manual (PDF)

※This manual must be read carefully.

2023_PMAvol.8_Project Proposal (Word format)

2023_PMAvol.8_Declaration (Word format)


Film Rights

After the screening, the excellent works are planned to be used for projection mapping screenings held at Tokyo Big Sight. The ownership, copyright (including rights specified in Article 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act), and all other rights of the submitted works belong to the organizer, the Tokyo International Projection Mapping Awards Executive Committee, and licenses for use will be granted to cooperating companies such as Tokyo Big Sight Co., Ltd. and IMAGICA GROUP Co., Ltd. Additionally, they will be used for publicity and promotion activities of the Awards and the aforementioned companies, such as on websites, TV, newspapers, magazines, digital signage, works collections, company overviews, etc., without any restrictions on still images, videos, etc. However, the use of the works for participants’ job hunting or artistic activities as a production record is permitted.

Note: By entering the contest, it is assumed that the above has been agreed to. Additionally, we request that all school-related individuals and everyone involved in the production sign the pledge.

Handling of personal information

Our secretariat has established the following policies regarding the protection of participants’ personal information, and we will take utmost care to prevent leakage, misuse, alteration, or any other type of unauthorized access of personal information by complying with these policies
1. Purpose of use of personal information
Participants’ personal information will only be used within the following scope of purposes:
(1) Communication related to production support
(2) Notification of the results of the judging
(3) Communication of inquiries related to the production works
(4) Public announcement of the award on media and websites (including the work name, name, school name, affiliation, etc. Prior to the public announcement, the contents will be confirmed with the representative.)
If there is a need to use personal information for any other purpose besides the above, we will obtain the individual’s consent beforehand.

2. Disclosure or provision to third parties
We will manage and protect participants’ personal information by appropriate methods.
We will not disclose or provide participants’ personal information to any third party without their consent, except when necessary for outsourcing tasks related to the administration of the secretariat. Additionally, if there is a need to protect human life, body or property, and it is difficult to obtain the individual’s consent, or if disclosure of personal information is required by law, then the above statement does not apply.
3. Participant’s consent
Please confirm the contents of the “Participation Pledge,” which will be distributed separately, and submit it. Submission of the pledge will be considered as consent from the participant.

Other Notes

●Participants should be careful not to leak their work information (proposal, video, still images, etc.) to anyone other than their team members.
●As a general rule, external publication of completed video materials after the award is prohibited without the permission of the secretariat.
●Posting to SNS or other platforms about the award itself is allowed, but uploading production materials (videos or still images) before the final screening is prohibited.
●It is prohibited to disclose or publish information and materials provided by the award secretariat on the internet or elsewhere.
●Defamation or slander against the organizer, sponsors, partner companies, participants, or teams is prohibited.
●If there are any unclear points regarding the rights management of various materials (music, images, etc.), please consult with the organizer in advance before use.
●Tokyo Big Sight, the organizer, and related companies are not responsible for any claims or disputes related to copyright infringement or other rights violations. In the event that a third party makes such a claim, the applicant must handle it appropriately so that no burden falls on Tokyo Big Sight, the organizer, or related companies.
●Participation in this award is not allowed for those under 15 years of age. If the applicant is a minor, the consent of their guardian is required beforehand.

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