Application guideline/ Method of entry (Vol.6)

Outline of award /// What is the Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award?

Fri. June 18 ‒ Deadline for entry and document submission

Highlights of previous contest
Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award Vol.5


Develop hopeful human resources which would serve as core of the future contents industry by creating a gateway for potentially world-class video creators; and at the same time, create opportunities to raise the awareness and interest toward contents generated from Japan, by widely spreading and further enhancing the CG animation technology, so-called projection mapping.


The Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award Executive Committee

About each major prize and other sub prizes

The following prizes and sub prizes will be presented to those submitted works recognized as outstanding.

  • Grand Prize(Prize money, trophy and certificate) – ¥300,000
  • Excellent Performance Award(Prize money, trophy and certificate) – ¥150,000
  • Special Recognition Award(Prize money, trophy and certificate) – ¥100,000


Production works

Entry theme: “New Era”
Video for projection mapping(2~3 min. in duration)
**Primary screening will be based on the required documents only; only those successful contestants who cleared the primary will proceed to video production.


Schedule of final screening and review

November 13(Saturday), 17:00~21:00(as planned) at Tokyo Big Site
**This year’s final screening will not be open to the public, the screening will be broadcasted online.
**Subject to changes or cancellations depending on the circumstances


Entry and screening schedule


Qualifications for entry

  • Entrants must be students of a university, graduate school, technical college, vocational school or high school. *1
  • Must be able to participate in our workshop held online after the primary screening(scheduled in early July)*2 as well as the day of the screening. *3
  • Must participate as a team of 1 or more members. If there are multiple members, a representative member must be chosen upon entry.
  • Teams may comprise of members from different schools. In that case, 1 official personnel from each school is required to partcipate.
  • At least one member must be able to use 3DCG or 2D animation applications.
    (Productions made by non-students are prohibited as a general rule. In case there is a professional collaborator, receiving advice is allowed.)


*1 In case the entrant is of ages 18 and under, parental consent is required.
*2 Information about the workshop
The workshop is expected to be conducted online. Details will be sent directly to those successful candidates in the primary screening.
*3 The participation method on the day of the screening depending on circumstances. Please note that there is a possibility that you will participate online.



  • Fri. June 18 ‒ Deadline for entry and document submission
  • Fri. June 25 ‒ Announcement of documentation screening result
  • July ~ October ‒ Video production period
  • Sat. November 13 ‒ Final screening and review


Submission required upon entry

1. Planning Sheet
Maximum of 10 pages including the intention of the plan, visual image, and storyboard
*Allotment of pages are unrestricted.
PDF format/within 5MB

2. Pledge
It shall be fully acknowledged that all participating members are willing to take part and have mutually consented with their respective concerned educational institutions, faculty members, and production team leader upon participating in the award.

3. Downloading application forms
Please download from the following file.

EN_2021_TPA_PlanningSheet(pdf 192KB)

EN_2021_TPA_Pledge(pdf 103KB)


About Screening and judging

Primary screening

Those participants who applied from our website must submit the planning sheet and pledge by the set deadline.
Successful candidates will be announced upon screening of documents, and those candidates will further produce their projection mapping works and present them at the final screening event.

Selection criteria of the primary screening

  • Is the plan superior to others?
  • Is it presentable to the general public at Tokyo Big Sight?
  • Does the team guarantee substantial-quality?
  • Would the team be capable of completing their production on schedule without giving up on the way?
  • Does the plan make the most of special features and expressions particular to CG animation technology and projection mapping?
  • Does the plan express a full understanding of the theme and make the most of it?


Final screening event and review

Those outstanding works will be awarded, their respective prize money presented, and will be subject to regular screening at Tokyo Big Sight after the screening event is over.

Screening criteria of the final screening event

  • Planning ‒ Work that is faithful to the theme, or otherwise conveys it
  • Idea ‒ The projection mapping presentation made use of the special features of the projection surface, and there were surprises
  • Technique ‒ Proper utilization of the 3DCG and animation technology
  • Direction ‒ Fusion of music and image to make entertaining content as a public work that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and nationalities
  • Production ‒ Compliance with the submission date


About the video rights

The award-winning works are expected to be displayed at future screening events of projection mapping scheduled at Tokyo Big Sight after the final screening event.
Ownership, copyright(includes those rights stipulated under articles 27 and 28 of Copyrights Law) and all other rights of entry works shall be vested in the Tokyo International Projection Mapping Award Executive Committee, and furthermore, the license shall be granted to Tokyo Big Sight Inc., and other companies cooperating with IMAGICA GROUP Co., Ltd. for their use.

Moreover, the works shall also be used for public relations activities of the Award and abovementioned companies in addition to their use in the projection mapping screening events.
(It is to be acknowledged that there shall be no restrictions on either still or motion images for possible uses in websites, TV, newspapers, magazines, digital signages, publication of collected works, corporate profiles, and so on.)
However, the permission of use shall be granted to the participants themselves past work record for purposes of job-hunting and artist career activities.

*The abovementioned shall be mutually consented upon entry. We further ask for the signatures of all members participating in the production in addition to the faculty members and others concerned of the educational institution to the pledge.

Handling of private and personal information

The Award executive office has established its policies regarding the protection of personal information of the participants as follows, and shall further pay close attention to the prevention of leakage, diversion, and falsification of such private information in compliance with those policies.

1. Purpose of using personal information
Participants’ personal information shall be used within the range of the following purposes.
(1) Contact for production support
(2) Notification of screening results
(3) Contact for confirming certain matters concerning the produced work
(4) Release of information about the Award to the mass media and website
(Title of work, name of the participant, name of school and affiliation, and so on. However, in such cases the team leader shall be contacted beforehand to check the information to be released.)

In case there is a need to release information for purposes other than the above, it will only be done upon the consent of the person concerned.

2. Disclosure and presentation to third parties
Every effort shall be made to manage and protect our participants’ personal information in the most appropriate way.
Participant’s personal information will never be disclosed or presented to a third party without the consent of the person concerned.
However, there may be cases in which information is disclosed at outsourcing contractors only within the framework required for the business of the Award executive office.
Furthermore, the above will not apply in cases where disclosure is necessary to protect human lives, prevent physical injuries or damage to assets but there is difficult to gain consent from the person concerned.

3. Consent of participants
Participants are to confirm the content of the separately distributed “Pledge” and affix their personal seals.
Submission of the Pledge shall signify the consent of the participant.

Other important items

  • Special caution must be given to prevent leakage of any information regarding the works(planning sheet, motion images, still images, etc.) in relation to this Award to any party other the participating teams and those concerned.
  • It shall be prohibited as a general rule to disclose the finished video source to any other third party after the Award is over without the consent of the executive office.
  • While texting messages to the Award itself through social networking services is allowed, uploading of works in the process prior to actual screening(video and still images) shall be strictly prohibited.
  • Leakage and disclosure of production charts, resources, sound sources, and the like which were granted from the Award executive office onto the Internet are strictly prohibited.
  • Any slanderous or defamatory comments against the sponsor, co-sponsors, cooperating companies, or other participating schools are strictly prohibited.
  • In case there are any doubts concerning the rights of various sources(music, images, etc.), the sponsor must be consulted before any action is taken.
  • Tokyo Big Sight, the sponsor, and other related companies shall not be liable for any complaints or disputes arising from such cases as the infringement of rights. In case there arises any claim from a third party regarding infringement, the participant is to resolve the case appropriately without inflicting any burden upon Tokyo Big Sight, the sponsor, and other related companies.
  • Those aged under 13 are not allowed to participate. In case the entrant is a minor, parental consent is required in advance.
  • Please note that the progress of this award is subject to change or cancellation depending on the situation of the spread of the COVID-19.


About the entry form

Please apply from either of the following entry forms.

Enter from here