Handling of private and personal information

The Award executive office has established its policies regarding the protection of personal information of the participants as follows, and shall further pay close attention to the prevention of leakage, diversion, and falsification of such private information in compliance with those policies.

1. Purpose of using personal information
Participants’ personal information shall be used within the range of the following purposes.
(1) Contact for production support
(2) Notification of screening results
(3) Contact for confirming certain matters concerning the produced work
(4) Release of information about the Award to the mass media and website
(Title of work, name of the participant, name of school and affiliation, and so on. However, in such cases the team leader shall be contacted beforehand to check the information to be released.)

In case there is a need to release information for purposes other than the above, it will only be done upon the consent of the person concerned.

2. Disclosure and presentation to third parties
Every effort shall be made to manage and protect our participants’ personal information in the most appropriate way.
Participant’s personal information will never be disclosed or presented to a third party without the consent of the person concerned.
However, there may be cases in which information is disclosed at outsourcing contractors only within the framework required for the business of the Award executive office.
Furthermore, the above will not apply in cases where disclosure is necessary to protect human lives, prevent physical injuries or damage to assets but there is difficult to gain consent from the person concerned.

3. Consent of participants
Participants are to confirm the content of the separately distributed “Pledge” and affix their personal seals.
Submission of the Pledge shall signify the consent of the participant.