Vol.4優秀賞 「Perpetual Motion」

Vol.4 優秀賞

学校名:Université du Québec à Montréal
チーム名:Team UQAM
作品名:Perpetual Motion
代表者:Chloé Champoux-Rhéaume
メンバー:Maxime Tremblay、Xavier Lachance-Martel、Kyan Daigneault

Perpetual Motion is the transition from micro to macro. It represents the human body at its core when pushed to its limit.
What we aim to communicate with this short movie is the connection between the micro and the macro. From a single unit, we expend, improve, amplify through sport. It is an intense experience; a transitional ritual that is created through perpetual motion. Ultimately, this project is a representation of the intensity of the sport but also the unity it can bring; it unifying aspect that brings all humans together. The movie will transport the viewer through different sports, from the point of view of the human body and how sports affects it. The performance will gradually escalate through the transition of different sports until a climax of victory, that will represent the effort from the human body that are finally rewarded.

「Perpetual Motion(パーペチュアル・モーション)」はミクロからマクロへの移行を表し、限界まで追い詰められた時の人体の中心核を表します。

Perpetual Motion

We are four students from UQAM, in Montréal, Canada. We are graduates and active student in interactive medias studies.
Projection mapping and interactive installations are our main interests for us as we learn to create them during our academical course. We all have different background and individual skills in 3D / 2D animation, game design and motion design that will help us create a unique projection mapping piece.


【東京国際プロジェクションマッピングアワード Vol.4】Université du Québec À Montréal