Vol.4審査員特別賞 「Let’s GO!」

Vol.4 審査員特別賞

学校名:KMITL (King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang)
作品名:Let’s GO!
代表者:Napat Shinawatra

This work will show an excitement of a sport though a perspective of a person who play it. And a fast paced movement and motion line to get YOU! (an audience) move together with this animation! (Hope it work tho…) This project will made with 2D animation techniuqe. Around 2 mins long.


Let's GO!

M-Ultra is a one man solo team… (So it’s not a team right…? *Smile*) Okay joke aside. Well, This is first time for me to making something this big (Tokyo *BIG* site) It’s gonna be fun and awesome! I can’t even wait to see it. When it done. 😀


Napat Shinawatra