Vol.4最優秀賞 /観客賞「Harmony」

Vol.4 最優秀賞/観客賞

学校名:Université du Québec à Montréal
チーム名:MI Montreal
代表者:Charles-Eric Gandubert
メンバー:Jade Chiasson、Anthony Trépanier、Samuel Tremblay、Michael Globensky

Harmony is an audiovisual experience focusing on sports and the way they bring people together regardless of identity and origin. By making abstraction of athletes and players, Harmony demonstrates that a sport, in its essence, is all about how the players and the spectators create this environment where cooperation and teamsmanship unite people together.
As such, we wanted to represent this phenomenon through a parallel with the harmony between musical notes, which by themselves produce something unique but monotone, and only when put together can they produce a magnificent melody.
In order to represent in the greatest way possible this orchestra, we decided to create small individual universes where only the material belonging to specific sport would come alive and interact together as well as with the soundtrack.
With this in mind, Harmony incorporates many sports, in both 3D and 2D visuals, with a multitude of points of view.
Finally, through its grand finale, Harmony will reveal all universes together in one scene, where all the overlapping sounds will create a hopeful melody, completing our journey through our representation of the multiple wonders of sports.



A team of 4 creative, passionate and hard working students from Montreal whose goal is to create a spectacular multimedia experience. Ready to give our 110%, we will be working tirelessly in order to meet professional quality standards. We know that expectations are high, and our commitment is ever higher. We’re looking foward to show you our work, and we’ll see you there!


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